Hemen Basvur - Bank Comparison
Hemen Basvur - Bank Comparison
Hemen Basvur - Bank Comparison
Hemen Basvur and I collaborated to create a user-friendly website that allows users to compare loans, credit cards, and insurance products from different providers. The website was well-received by users and helped them to save money by comparing different products and finding the best deals.
Project Type
Hemen Basvur
6 Months
Hemen Basvur
Financial comparison website. Easy to use. Saves money.
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Designing a bank comparison website that is user-friendly and informative for undecided users
Creating a platform that can effectively showcase all relevant metrics for comparing different banks, loans, and credit cards
Ensuring that users understand the value proposition of using our product over competitors


To create a visually appealing and easily navigable website that provides users with comprehensive information on bank offerings
To develop features that allow users to compare banks from multiple perspectives, including price/performance, annual percentage yields, and other important metrics
To increase the number of users who subscribe to our service by providing clear and compelling messaging on the benefits of using our product


Increased traffic to the website and higher engagement rates from users
Improved user satisfaction scores, as measured by feedback surveys and other metrics
Higher conversion rates for users who sign up for subscriptions or use our recommended banks, loans, and credit cards

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